Hump Day Music – Kacey Musgraves

Hump Day Music was so easy this week. I wanted to post it early so you could take the entire day to listen to the amazing and beautiful Kacey Musgraves. I’ve been waiting on this album for a long time and was antsy as hell to sit down and take a listen yesterday. It’s been on a constant rotation since then. There’s something to be said about Musgraves raw and honest writing, her focus on old-time country instrumentation (I swear, sometimes I hear Johnny Cash behind her rumbling drums and stand-up bass), and her ability to relay simple concepts into full fledged emotional tracks. To me, she’s been single-handedly ushering women in country towards this authentic, attitude fueled, kick-ass direction. Whether she knows how to relate to her audience because she still exists among them or because she’s a master of words, it doesn’t even matter, you just know she GETS IT when you listen. She sits alongside the Miranda Lambert’s (who she’s written tracks for) and Gretchen Wilson’s of the world, but somehow much more down to earth and full of truths.

Check out Same Trailer Different Park now!

Stand out tracks:
Silver Lining
Merry Go’ Round
Back On The  Map
Follow Your Arrow

But how about the whole album? Take a listen, then buy, and enjoy.


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